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Visibility, personalization, and incentive infrastructure to drive more transactions in any environment.
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The Problem

It's hard to drive transactions and even harder to decode them.

What merchant
did transaction
0x...0b occur at?
What merchant
did transaction
0x...0b occur at?
How do I show users
the most relevant
What FID is
connected to
user 0x...9b?
How do I personalize
in-app content
for each user?
What brands
has abc.eth
transacted at?
How do I
increase my users'
time in-app?
How do I show users
the most relevant
How do we
increase our
transaction volume?
How do I segment
my users'
How do I seamlessly
distribute rewards
to my users?
The Solution

Relayer uses transactional data to power dynamic product experiences

Use Relayer to understand and expand the ways your users transact.


Attract new users and keep them coming back.

Vector graphic of an offer activation.

Surface New Things to Discover

Ensure there's always a reason for your users to transact. Meet your users with relevant offers at the right place and time.

Vector illustration of Relayer's API touchpoints

Reward More Transactions

Our API enables you to easily distribute rewards to users for any, or every transaction they make, funded by the best brands onchain and online. 


Personalize every touchpoint for every user

A vector illustration depicting user recommendations

Recommendations that Generate Exponential Growth

Match customer preferences to relevant experiences. Drive future behavior across any native channel, increasing engagement and transactions.
A vector illustration depicting curated user content

Curate Content, Natively

Tailor an experience that looks and feels like your own, because it is. Deploy without disrupting users, or busy development teams.

See a 360 view of what your customer wants

A line chart showing transaction volume in millions of dollars over time
A pie chart showing average user balance.
Illustration of example consumer behaviorIllustration of example consumer behavior

Granular Transaction Breakdowns

Turn vague user transactions into high resolution views of consumer behavior.

Illustration depicting an example of user insights and metricsIllustration depicting an example of user insights and metrics

Growth and Engagement Insights

As Relayer accelerates your transaction growth, unlock hidden insights and track key metrics.

Gardener of the online universe

Introducing Relayer.
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