Users want
opportunities, not ads.

Implement intelligent publishing infrastructure in under 30 days: unlock personalized experiences for your users and grow your audience at the same time.

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Plug in Relayer SDK into your app environments, embed offers that look and feel native in your unique UI.

Connect users with personalized touchpoints from brands they love. Provide a unique and highly relevant experience that drives growth and engagement.


Unlock real-time value for you and your users from every offer, direct from your Relayer connected app.



Build personalized experiences.

  • Embed relevant content that looks and feels native for every individual's journey.

Create valuable touchpoints.

  • Facilitate connections that benefit your product, and the users you serve.

Drive meaningful impact.

  • Relayer ensure that every recommendation feels native to your app's unique UI, while optimizing the experience to prevent clutter and increase conversions.

Turn everyday touch points into rewarding personalized experiences.

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